We have a wide customer base, Australia-wide! We have shipped premium memory foam mattress toppers to every nook and cranny of Australia, and saved the backs and spines of Australians, offering them the best night sleep they have had for a long time. See some of the cool things that our exceptional customers have said about us below! Want to join the list? Place an order online today with the mattress foam products experts at AFE Australia.

Hi Team at AFE, Just wanted to say a big thank you! I've had lower back pain for most part of my life and changing my mattress about a year ago did not help very much. With no intention of paying for another mattress, I started researching online for a more affordable solution and that brought me to your website. I spoke with your customer service staff and he was really knowledgeable in helping me decide. My backache disappeared the first night I used the memory foam topper and it's been more than a week now of painless sleep.

Rajan - South Australia

Wow, we had forgotten what a good night's sleep was like until we purchased a Reflection 60 topper. We purchased it for our Cub Camper trailer (after sleeping on the foam mattress supplied and waking up like cripples). We tried it at home and now are going to purchase one for home. The service and advise from Phillip and his team was exceptional. I was skeptical at spending the money at first as we had bought egg shell toppers before, but they were to no avail. I look forward to going to bed now!

Narelle - Dunbogan NSW

“We used our new mattress topper in the caravan over Easter. WOW! It was so comfortable we couldn't wait to go to bed at night. I wasn’t sure if we needed a new mattress but knew we needed to improve the comfort of our current mattress and the topper certainly did that. I have recommended it to everyone who will listen. What great value for a perfect night’s sleep.
Thank you for an excellent product”

Rebecca - VIC

“Just to let you know that we received our overlay and are extremely pleased with it. It's so comfortable. Since we received it, I've had the best weeks sleep for a very long time. No lower back pain, no stiffness in my shoulder blades or hips. I wake up feeling better and more refreshed than I thought possible. I'll recommend this product to my friends and family, why did I wait so long?Great product, and great service.
Thank you again”

Raima - QLD

“I used to wake up stiff, sore & with lower back pain, I have slept on the overlay for last few nights and have woken up without lower back pain, refreshed after a good nights sleep. Seems it is the best purchase I have made in a very long time.”

Georgina - Bidwil NSW

“Dear AFE Australia — Having waited several weeks after receiving a Memory Foam Mattress overlay, to see if it was suitable to our needs, we now believe to have found the solution to our sleep difficulties. Not only for back problems and other aches, but of all desire to return to the mattress without the overlay. It is the epitome of comfort. Please accept our sincere thanks, and congratulations for your prompt delivery”

Mal & Val Owen - VIC

“Thank you very much for the good service!”

Minna – Singapore