Wombats are amongst the world’s largest burrowing animals.

They are equipped with powerful limbs, short broad feet and flattened claws. Wombats are primarily grazers and their continuously growing incisors work as efficient cutters of grass and forbs.

A short, stocky, barrel-shaped animal with physical characteristics that reflect its burrowing nature. It has a broad head with small eyes, a short strong neck, powerful shoulders and a very small tail (~25 mm) hidden by fur.

Colour of the wombat’s coarse coat varies from glossy black, dark grey, silver-grey, chocolate brown, grey-brown, sandy and cream. In southern Victoria, there is a small colony of ash-white wombats and albino animals have been reported, as well.

Often the coat can also be coloured by the soil (e.g. clay can stain the fur red), and/or have patches that are lighter in colour.

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